About The Author

The Timeline of God - Steve Thornton

Steve Thornton is a new author that has been teaching Bible studies for over 35 years.  He currently leads multiple Bible Studies including a Life Group, Jail inmates’ studies, Men’s Bible studies and Church group studies throughout the year.  He is actively involved in evangelistic outreaches, is personally involved in missions, and serves his community with church outreach ministries. 

His understanding of the Bible began as he searched for answers in researching the many beliefs and religions of the world.  He began reading the Bible and found that most of what he read was unclear.  One night he spoke out to God after reading a chapter in the gospel of Matthew and said I don’t believe that anyone can say with confidence that they clearly understand what this book says.  That night he gave his life to Christ and afterwards he opened the Bible and read that same chapter and understood it plainly.  From that point on God has been proving to him that you can read and understand His Holy Word.