Everyone has a desire to know what their future holds.

The Timeline of God - Steve Thornton


Inside the pages of this book you will make discoveries of things that will be very clear and understandable about how everything that has happened to, is happening to, and will happen to mankind was known and ordered in such a way that it is obvious that everything up to this point in time was required to reach the ultimate ending that God desires. Those familiar with the Bible will understand it in a new and enlightened way. Those not as familiar will wonder why they hadn’t been told of the amazing ways that God has used, is using, and will use normal everyday people to do extraordinary things that impact the future of this world. All of this accomplished in a well-defined timeline. Each segment of time shows God dealing with His creation in a different manner yet with each segment of time His relationship with man becomes more intimate than the one prior to it.


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From the editor:  This book is intriguing, thought provoking.

Written in a different format from other biblical texts, the Timeline of God leads the leader chronologically from Genesis to Revelation. But what is unique is how the author adds commentary that emphasizes his point. Very good.
—Sandy V.

Once I started reading this book I didn't want to put it down.
—Nathan K.

This book lays out the Timeline of God's plan for man, but it also ties the Bible together as a whole.  It has teasers and facts that most people don't know.  I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants a better understanding of the Bible.
—Amanda S.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, in fact I purchased copies for all of my children so they would have a copy.
—Kathy H